Strategic Mastermind Sessions

Leverage power of strategic foundation and a roadmap built for outcomes

The first step towards successful projects is to define goals and find what is really needed. Knowing what needs to be achieved is what leads to right foundation and realizing results. Strategic Mastermind Sessions does just that. It’s framework is especially built to holistically align all that impacts the project by focusing on the big picture.

Is there a mismatch between what your business require and what design delivers?

How is your business impacted by design?
Can design cause an acceleration for your business?
Are you challenged to bridge this gap?

Typically we see a close relationship between business and design being synergetic and like a partnership. However, instead of closely bonded and complementary, most often these are attempted in isolation and therefore are misaligned. The answer to that is in having a common language and a shared vision for both domains.

How does Mastermind Session work?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

- Abraham Lincoln

These are interactive sessions are conducted within a mastermind group comprising clients, stakeholders, CxO, operations executives, consultants and strategist. We start with one-on-one slots in some cases and thereafter do group mastermind sessions with framework of ABURTYS (a proprietary module structure). The whole processes is about creatively drawing data from both conscious and subconscious mind, To discuss them, map them and analyse them with respect to each other; creating a healthy conversation over business argument and value differentiator.

Everything starting from programme to users needs, workflows to revenue centres is seen to develop a holistic understanding and objectives. Sessions are specific to each client to suite their project and organisation type.

Why Mastermind Session?

The whole idea behind these sessions is to bring out intrinsic conditions and underlying subjects. Mastermind is about solving collective issues, drawing out conscious and subconscious pointers and taking data driven decisions. In an interactive environment, collective expertise of the mastermind group creates a healthy dialogue to find synergies, common ground and opportunities to expand on and formulate a vision.

Benefits of Mastermind sessions

  • Streamlines the process.
  • Bring entire team on the same page.
  • Identity gaps and fill them up.
  • Brainstorm and analyse at the same time.
  • Find mismatch across different dominan and align them.
  • Bottom up exercise to find real needs.
  • Understand user journey.
  • Discover technology requirements and challenges to incorporate.
  • Identify timelines and risks.

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