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Disrupting status quo through architecture To achieve extraordinary experience and performance

Architecture is a medium to realise our dreams and vision, and when design is at its best, it creates an ecosystem to provide exactly how we want to live and work. That’s what Inventive Architecture does. It is about creating groundbreaking designs not conformed by physical constraints, but rather integrates physical, emotional and aspirational together to create environments inspires culture and values. IA creates niche architecture for clients that brings vision into reality in an authentic way.

Rajiv Gupta Founding Partner Creators Architects

We create niche architecture for clients who appreciate and thrive on value creation. IA process truly invents along to create transformational environments that challenges status quo.
Utssav Gupta, Partner & C.E.O.

Finding identity

Using a discovery process, we drawn out unique points for each project, understand the client core and map the value curve using strategy sessions with clients to find the “Sweet spot”. Setting up this intersection as an objective translates into meaningful steps to get strategic architecture built for clients values than a generic solution. Architecture then becomes the way to organise work style and culture.

Through Strategic Mastermind Session, a structural process is used to find and balance these aspects.

Empathy, Experience and user centricity

Catering to the emotional health and wellbeing, IA practice takes into account the qualitative aspects of architecture through empathy design and user centricity. We understand about the lifestyle and work patterns of clients, users and their customers through journey mapping and shaping architecture for human science to create a positive environment, supporting the user journey and creating experiential values.

A three step road map: DSI

Discover, strategise, integrate: a simple three step process that helps focus on right objectives and the vision, using sessions to first discover and define goals.

Strategy is where the rubber meets the road. It was what brings synthesis between all the aspects and ties together the physical, psychological and qualitative in form of a holistic approach. Executed from the first response itself, strategy takes the integration forwards and with each iteration brings closer to the vision creating performance and appeal. A strong strategic outset is makes IA stand out.

Phase detail




The problem is known
Defining a customer/audience strategy


Ad-hoc research
Planning operational research


Day-to-day research reporting


Ecosystem analysis
Market survey

Stakeholder facilitated workshop
Customer segmentation

User depth interviewing
Customer focus groups

Web analytics reporting
Customer satisfaction ratings

Integrated design: Objective oriented

In this phase of design process, Integrated designs area builds upon the strategic framework and created for interdisciplinary relations. This is where efficiency and values go hand in hand converting ideas into meaningful architecture. Integrated working is an iterative working style in contrast to linear one, This is what makes problem solving in IA unique, because it deals with the roots that creates it in the first place.

Applying global standards of practice, we build for safety, efficiency, sustainability and wellness as inherit parts of design, while at the same time integrating brand communications, workflow, technology, engineering and even post occupancy operational challenges. IA produces groundbreaking and meaningful architecture.

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